TextGRAB SDK: capture text from screen easily

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TextGRAB SDK is a library that allows screen text capture in Windows applications.
You can use it to capture text from any application that doesn't provide communication API's in order to feed another program. You can capture text from any part of any window including: status bar messages, Windows error messages and more; list controls, list views, menus, any custom controls, etc.

TextGRAB SDK can be used in different types of software - such as automation software, dictionaries and translation tools, organizer applications, etc. For example:
- TextGRAB SDK can be used in dictionary software to obtain text under the user's mouse pointer and translate it or
- in some integration software where you need to extract data from one application and send to another.

TextGRAB SDK provides COM interface, so it's very easy to use it in applications written in any programming language.


Capture Assistant

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Capture Assistant is a convenient and easy-to-use text and graphics capture tool.

It allows you to capture:
- text
- font information (font face, size and color)
- passwords hidden behind asterisks
- graphics
- color of any pixel on screen

Capture Assistant helps to save you time and increases your productivity.

Capture Assistant is built using TextGRAB SDK technology which allows you to add capture functionality to any application.